Tricks to play the amazing game Bullet Force with accuracy

The game Bullet Force has earned a huge popularity within a very short span of time. The popularity has come up only because this game gives a realistic experience. While filling the mind of the gamer with exciting and absorbing experience the game has all the advanced sophisticated mechanism of warfare. Even on a dull day, the reallife soldier can excite him by playing the amazing game Bullet Force.

But to enjoy the game to its fullest extent it is necessary for the gamer to know and practice the various techniques. If the gamer does not know the art of rescuing himself in the different dangerous situation then it would be tough to play and reach higher stages of the game. It can be mentioned here that the programming of Bullet Force Cheats can give certain relief. But a player can enjoy the game in the real sense only when he plays the game with his own ability. Let us see some of the weapons to play Bullet Force.


Bullet Force is a shooting game and it must begin with a weapon. The primary weapon for the gamer in this game is M4A1. This comes with the Compact .45 and a good stability. The game can use this weapon for some reasonable range. The weapon is featured with a big clip and it is highly applicable in the case of hip firing. Objects at some distance can be targeted with high accuracy. If this is properly used by the gamer then it can be a powerful weapon in the armory of the gamer. In the recent updates, this weapon has become more advanced to make more damage in the opponent’s arena.


In the primary store AK-12 is the third weapon. With a high stability, it can use for good range and is an advanced weapon who had already mastered M4A1. But if the gamer is trying to create more damage in the enemy’s corner then he should opt for some other weapon as FAMAS which is a submachine gun. In the Bullet Force game, this weapon is considered to be the most used gun by the gamer. To get this weapon quickly then you should consider searching how to hack bullet force.


MP412 REX is a revolver in the hands of the gamer who has gone beyond the primary arena. It is a double acting Russian .357 magnum revolver. It has facility of automatic ejector and come up with break action chamber which is an unique feature in the modern time. The cost of the weapon is considerably low in comparison to its working capacity. It can cause high damage in the enemy’s territory enabling the gamer to trespass in the opponent’s arena. Though it has little slow rate of firing of around 180 RPM and take longer time to reload but is an excellent weapon to hit the longdistance target with great accuracy.

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