Overlord: Minions Preview for the Nintendo DS

Overlord was released in 2007 for the PC and Xbox 360 and later ported to the Playstation 3 in 2008. The title is an adventure game where you control a group of evil minions to do your bidding. Thanks to its unique gameplay and great humor, Overlord was well received by critics. The original game became so successful that a sequel was announced.
While the sequel is only being developed for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, the Nintendo DS is getting its version designed specifically to take advantage of the handheld system’s strengths. So can Overlord: Minions successfully bring the unique experiences of Overlord and Overlord II to the portable market? Find out in this preview of the exclusive Nintendo DS game.

The story follows the four elite minions: Blaze, Giblet, Stench and Zap. As the overlord, Gnarl, you directly control this team of misfits in order to stop the opposing Silas from resurrecting the dragon and threatening your rule. You can expect the same type humor found in the series for Overlord: Minions.

As expected, Overlord: Minions doesn’t look nearly as good as Overlord and Overlord II on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The visual limitations of the Nintendo DS make the game a little rough looking with its pixilated 3D polygons. It is a passable attempt for a Nintendo DS game, however.

Just like the original game, you can expect some epic music in Overlord: Minions for the Nintendo DS.

Unlike Overlord where you command your subjects, you have direct control over the four minions: Blaze, Giblet, Stench and Zap. The Nintendo DS game plays more like a Zelda game than the strategic nature of Overlord.

In order to be successful in Overlord: Minions, you need to take advantage of the strengths of your minions. Blaze uses a fire ball attack and has resistance towards fire. Giblet is the best fighter of the group. Stench can use poison gas in addition to being immune to them. Finally, Zap can traverse through water and heal teammates. The minions in the title offer plenty of diversity to the gameplay of the Nintendo DS game.

Overlord: Minions uses touch screen controls to perform all the actions. In addition to solving puzzles, your team must battle the diverse cast of enemies. The roster includes dwarves, goats, elves, paladins, sheep, scorpions and spiders.

Final Product
Overlord: Minions offers a unique take to the original game. It should make for a nice compliment to the upcoming sequel. The Nintendo DS exclusive game will be released in late June.

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Free Ways to Fulfill Your Urge to Game

Games have become terribly expensive over time – and with good cause. With the amount of work that goes into these games, it’s no wonder why they’re becoming increasingly expensive as time progresses.
I remember, as a child, looking around at games in my local K-Mart for my Nintendo (NES ) and Gameboy . Games back then were cheaper, and more affordable. In fact, I still have a whole drawer full of games ranging from Bubble Bobble to the original Super Mario Bros.

Video games, as a whole, have evolved. Online gaming started to blossom, and the advent of discs and other items helped the video gaming world evolve, as did their prices. The words “free” were nearly non-existent in gaming, especially when it came to console gaming.

Gaming has become additionally expensive with the introduction of gaming items, goodies, and necessities, such as:
-Monthly/Yearly Subscriptions
-Downloadable Content
-Accessories (Examples: Controllers, Microphones, ect.)
-Credits (Example: Farmville credits that can be bought with real money to purchase in-game items)
-Necessary computer hardware to run certain games
-Expansion Packs
-and much more.

So how do gamers feed their need in a time when their pockets run dry of currency? There are actually several ways, if gamers truly look hard enough. Although they may not be as in-depth as games such as Halo Reach or Final Fantasy games, they do allow for some gaming satisfaction.

Computer Gaming – A Gamers Best Friend When In Need
While many gamers may truly be able to afford them, there are times when free gaming is not only wanted, it’s yearned for. Such times I can remember were back in high school in such classes as Computer Software. Everyone was feeding their need by playing such games as the classic Counter Strike, but not everyone has that luxury at their fingertips. Hence, the need to improvise.

This is where simple flash-based games, and the likes, come into play. While these games may not be the most enticing, nor the most profound, they certainly help kill time and the necessary urge to get your game on.

I can recall a day where I was so bored at one of my jobs. I had nothing to do, and the computer, as well as the grand Internet, were at my fingertips. Yes, I was used to playing large-scale games for consoles, but time was feeling like my Lynx in Chrono Cross – impossible to defeat (well, the first fight, anyway). I put my fingertips to work and searched the net, and a bountiful amount of options came into play.

Websites such as www.bored.com came into play – a website that I had been using since I was a child, but I had forgotten about. A feeling of nostalgia consumed my mind, and my yearning for a gaming session was temporarily filled.

Another website I had used for awhile was www.addictinggames.com – another website that compiled a stockpile of games.

The great part about these websites is that people don’t need to be hardcore gamers to get into these games, as they cater to the casual gamers, as well as novice gamers. Anyone can pick up games such as Pac Man and have a good time. Such games are easily to play, but difficult to master.

Demo Games – They Make Everyone Happy
Not only are gaming companies happy about demos, as they should their product, but limit them at the same time; but the gamers themselves get to play the games, consuming their time and filling their need to game.

I remember, as a teenager, I would get demos constantly in the mail, or they’d be given away at video game shops. Some demos can take upwards to 30 minutes to an hour to complete, rendering them a perfect time killer for gamers on a budget.

On top of that, gamers get to try the games prior to purchasing them, so you’ll get a better idea of whether you truly want to buy that shiny new video game or not.

Demos can also be found on the online markets. I don’t personally have a Playstation 3 , but I do have an X-Box 360. Demos can be found on the X-Box Live Marketplace for an wide array of different video games. The downside is that gamers have to pay the $59.99 (plus tax) a year to keep their X-Box Love subscription alive. However, if you’ve already paid for the year, you mine as well indulge in some free demos. I know I have downloaded my fair share, and a few have actually led me to purchasing such games.

Gamers can learn more about X-Box Live, as well as it’s digital market, by going here: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/Live

Mobile FREEdom
Ever since I received my original T-Mobile phone without color, I’ve enjoyed mobile gaming. Yes, the only game I truly had was Snake, but it was a time killing game, and that’s all that mattered to me.

However, today, there are millions of games on the market – many of them being free, or very cheap.

Apple’s iPhone /iPod market is a prime example of where gamers can download free and/or cheap games that have high replay value. Personally, one of my favorites is Paper Toss – a game where the player merely slides their finger across the screen to try and throw a paper ball into a waste basket. Of course there are levels that differentiate with hardness, and there’s a fan that fluctuates it’s power to move the paper ball around, making it difficult to gauge the needed direction to sink the paper ball.

Here’s an article that lists “The 20 Best Free iPhone Games” originally written by GamePro:

Another article that shows a list of ten great free iPhone games by www.iphoneappcafe.com can be found here:

Finding free games on such devices generally aren’t hard to come by. Many other great games also cost a mere $.99 or $1.99, too, and have a ton of replay value.

The Final Boss Verdict
Finding quality games may sometimes be difficult, but it’s totally doable. Not everyone can afford to drop $400+ for a gaming system, additional accessories, games, and online subscriptions, which is completely understandable. If a gamer looks hard enough they can find free games in any genre, even Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG), which usually charge on a month-to-month basis.

However, it is pretty disheartening to see video games becoming so expensive these days. I can understand the amount of work and the need to generate revenue, but some companies, such as Activision, merely (and obviously) are looking to pick away at gamers wallets. Case in point: Overly expensive downloadable content for their Call of Duty games.

Click here to read my Op Ed article regarding the saturation of the video gaming market by companies such as Activision:

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Videogame Releases for the Week Starting on September 24th

Nintendo DS:
Animal Genius
Arctic Tale
Backyard Basketball
Backyard Hockey
Battleship/Connect 4/Sorry/Trouble
Crayola Treasure Adventures
Kurupoto Cool Cool Stars
Math Play Original Frisbee Disc Sports
Race Driver: Create amp; Race
Spelling Challenges and More!
The Nintendo DS has a bunch of kiddy games this week.

Nintendo Wii:
Bratz: The Movie
Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party
Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire
Hot Wheels Beat That

Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party will use both the dance pat and the Wii Remote.

Microsoft Xbox 360:
Halo 3
CSI Hard Evidence
Hot Wheels Beat That
Marvel Ultimate Alliance Enhanced
World Series of Poker: Battle

Fans can get Halo 3 in three different favors: Standard (MSRP $59.99), Limited (MSRP $69.99) and Legendary (MSRP $129.99).

Sony Playstation 2:
Bratz: The Movie
CSI: 3 Dimension of Murder
Dance Dance Revolution: SuperNova 2
Hot Wheels Beat That
NBA 08 Featuring the Life Vol 3
Soul Nomad amp; the World Eaters
World Series of Poker 2008

The NBA season returns with NBA 08 Featuring the Life Vol 3. Soul Nomad amp; the World Eaters is the latest RPG from the underrated Nippon Ichi Software.

Sony Playstation 3:
NBA 08
World Series of Poker 2008

Skate looks to rival the Tony Hawk games as the best skateboarding game out.

Sony PSP:
NBA 08

NBA 08 provides basketball goodness on the go.

Source: Gamestop.com

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Use Clash Royale Hack to unleash unlimited coins

Generally video game players play different types of games because playing the same games repeatedly would make them to feel uninterested. Some of the favourite and most interesting games from the strategic genre will be played repeatedly. The reason is that the game play in strategic game would be more interesting basically because the game has a main game play and plot, the player has to solve puzzles to crack different levels or to unlock the main part of the game. The one of the most famous and interesting strategic game is Clash Royale.

Game play is the most important for any game because it is the game course. The game play is the starting and finishing of the game. The success of Clash Royale is the game play because the game play is set excellently that any gamer would like it. The arena and the theme used in the game are attractive. Graphics used in the game is stunning and the audio used for the background and other sounds is fun and interesting as it suits well for the game play. So, this game is all in one pack as a complete package to enjoy wonderful gaming experience.

clash royale hack

Players have to choose a puzzle based on cards available in the game and the number of cards will be 8. As soon as the player enters the arena, the player has to play a strategic puzzle with cards to enter in to the game. After cracking the puzzle using the cards, the gamer enters the game to clash. Clash is the complete point of the game besides the gamer has to defend. Clash and defend will be formula of the game because the player has to traverse different places to defeat the king and the prince in a territory. Once the player defeats the king and his assistance, player will take hold of the tower that has many spoils and possessions that can be taken.

After inheriting the tower and the territory, player will have to move to another place but the opponents and enemies will attack the player’s territory to take hold it so player has to defend the tower. As the player defends the tower and captures more towers, he or she can build cities using the possessions taken from the tower. Clash Royale Hack Gems available in online would be helpful to release more coins and game benefits.

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About boom beach online generator tool

The boom beach hack is a latest program that has been created by a team of professional game developers who allow you to add countless resources into your boom beach account. This tool is 100% secure to use on any devices with a few clicks of the button. When you use this hack tool, it will never ask for storing any information or other details that will harm your system. However, this boomhack is created for your own use only and able to share it any platforms like Google Plus, Face book and also other social networks. However, this tool has been made to use very easy and also able to know about anything without getting confused.

Instead of paying for diamonds in the boom beach, you can simply use this diamond generator tool. It greatly helps to avoid paid for buying resources as well as security anti-hack system. With the use of hack tool, you can add more gems, iron, wood and gold for free with 100% privacy. This hack tool is purely server based with anti-ban script and automatic updates regularly. To enjoy a lot about this game, you should be aware of important points and then start using it. However, this game is now widely played by the multiple players from all parts of the world. For the player’s clarification, there are some useful guides and tips available for them.

Step by step methods to utilize boom beach hack tool

If you want to know the methods of using boom beach hack, you just follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, you should download the boom beach hack tool.
  • Now, link your gadget using USB cable and wait for a few minutes until the device is displayed in your PC.
  • After that, close the game from multiple tasks in your device
  • Now, open the downloaded program
  • Choose your specific operating system from the available options
  • Tap on Connect button
  • After go to Features tab and turn on the hack features that you want to activate
  • Now, add the desired amount of resources like wood, stone, diamond, gold, gems and iron
  • After selecting those resources, go to Start Hack tab and click on the Start button. On this step, you do not need to remove your device on this step.
  • Let you wait for a minute until the process to finish. Once you have done, you can unplug the connection.
  • Finally, done the entire process and successfully using it


Tips and guides on getting boom beach hack

The boom beach is a battle game that needs to fight against your opponents. In this game, each player needs to create a troop of soldiers who can fight. The main aim of this game is forming a powerful army and uses them to win your enemies. To know about this hack, you can utilize the tips and guides on using boom beach tool.

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SimCity buildIt hack- New online hack tool to generate resources


SimCity buildIt is one of the popular online game and you can find many hack tools websites on the internet. It is very useful and especially intended to get unlimited amount of wealth such as free simcash and simoleons in few minutes of work. In recent days, this online hack tool has obtained a huge success because of its amazing features. The simcity buildit hack is very simple and easy to follow, which does not require spending single penny. Now, there are plenty of websites available to get this tool online for free. After downloading and installing this tool on your device, it will definitely fulfill all your gaming requirements without getting hacked or banned.

With this SimCity buildIt hack tool, you are becoming more playable than before. It is 100% protection system with IPZ-22 decryption and PSA structure. The latest version of this hack tool is highly supported on android and iOS versions, but it does not require any root or jailbreak. For the proper working of this cheat tool, you only need to have a web browser. Currently, there are more than 4000 gamers available for this hack from all parts of the world. If you don’t have iOS mobile, you do not worry about it because this online generator tool works on all platforms in mobile phones and system.

Steps to use the SimCity buildIt hack

The SimCity buildIt hack tool is new tool that helps you to obtain unlimited amount of resources for your game play. With this cheat tool, you can get a lot for your game play. It is very simple and efficient tool to use, so you do not need to waste your time to download or install it. If you want to enjoy the SimCity buildIt hack with numerous resources, below are steps to be followed on using this hack cheat tool:

  • First, you click on the Download button that is located at the top right of simcitybuildit4me.com
  • After you click the button, it will be redirected to the new hack tool page.
  • Now, you fill up the input box with a specific game username.
  • Choose the desired amount of wealth such as simcash, simoleons and golden keys that you want to generate.
  • After that, press on the “I agree” button that is located on a web page.
  • Let you wait for a few moments until the SimCity buildIt hack is generating the resources and make to transfer all the things you need to your game account.
  • Finally, you can enjoy the limitless amounts of simcash, simoleons and golden keys in this hack for free!


Tips and guides to use SimCity buildIt hack

Once you decide to play the SimCity buildIt hack, first of all you should refer the best tips and guides that include a lot of information about this game. This guide will help you gain a good amount of knowledge about this hack tool and make you understand how to play and overcome the obstacles in every moment. In this game, the player should require a lot of simcash to complete the tasks, so they need to spend much amount of money. One of the best tips is using simcity buildit hack, which helps you obtain countless number of resources for free without even spending single penny from your pocket. Once you start reading this guide, you will surely get an idea on how to use this hack tool and how to use the recourses in correct manner to increase your game level.

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Using hack tool for famous Madden NFL football video game

When it comes to the best pass time and exciting entertainment, today almost all generation people are choosing only the mobile version of games. Not all the mobile based games for the android and ios devices will provide the similar kind of entertainment. From among those mobile games, Madden NFL is the best American football sports mobile video game especially based on the national football league. This wonderful mobile version game was published by the EA Sports in the mobile gaming apps market as the part of the early Madden NFL series.


Different seasons of Madden NFL games:

In the Madden NFL series, there are various seasons of games available with the different updates.

  • The 2015 season of Madden NFL game was released on 26th August 2016 for all versions of the android and ios platforms.
  • The 2016 season of the same game released on 21st August 2015.
  • The 2017 season of the Madden NFL game was released on 16th August 2016.

As it is both the single player and multiplayer game, one or more numbers of players can combinely play this game on your mobile platform. When considering the game play, most of the players of the game start using the Madden NFL mobile hack to get unlimited numbers of gaming resources. As the game contains madden ultimate team with the unique features like number of cards and players. In order to earn such gaming features, the players should need to participate in the various live events of the game.

Otherwise, you can just make use of the hack tool given at the various online platforms to get unlimited numbers of coins and card packs for your successful game play. The most considerable mode in this game will be the season which will allow each and every player to play the full 2016 game season that extends to the super bowl. As it is the freemium mobile based game, the gamers can spend your real money to buy more bundle and packs for reaching the top level of the game.

Using Madden NFL mobile hack tool:

Earning unlimited numbers of coins and cash in the game play is an ultimate target of the Madden NFL mobile game players. For this purpose, everyone starts using the hack tool on the web platforms. There are so many numbers of websites which have been providing a chance of using the Madden NFL mobile hack generator for generating your desired amounts of cash and coins for the success of your game play. The lovers of the madden mobile game first have to find the highly reliable range of the hacking platform from which you can get unlimited gaming resources with no problems. Once you have found such a great type of the hack generator tool, you should need to read the previous customer reviews to ensure its workability and reputability in producing the original cash and coins for your madden nfl game. The hacking process will provide you,

Not all the cheat or hack tools of this madden nfl game will provide you the legitimate coins, cash and stamina for your satisfied range of game play. So, it is always crucial to guarantee the reliability of the hacking tool for getting unlimited resources. Along with the reliability, the players should also need to check for the anti-ban system in the hacking environment. Anti-ban property of the madden nfl hacking tool is very important to completely hide your entire hacking process of madden game from the developers and all other gaming environments.

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The Complete Benefits of Hacking Dragon City Hack

Today most of people love to play mobile and computer games to feel relax during the free time. The dragon city is an interesting social network game that can be played on facebook. The players may use any platforms such as android, ios and web browser to play the dragon city game. The dragon city game is not a tough game but players have to keep more gold factors to avoid loses. The dragon city hack is a good way to get many resources without spending money. Nowadays people can use online hack tool like the dragon city exclusive one and downloadable hack tool for dragon city game. The players have to find and use a reputed hack tool for hacking the game of dragon city.


The Features of Great and Reputed Hack Tool

Dragon city is one of the popular social network games so everyone loves to win this game to feel good. The hack is an easy way to bring out the best features of game so everyone would like to user hack tools. A reputed hack tool can deliver some exclusive features for players to increase the possibility of winning the game.

  • Hack tool helps player get gems, foods and gold very easily
  • The hack tools only take a few minutes to hack any resources
  • It helps players to gain a tonne of in-game currency
  • The hack tool is now mostly available for free of cost

These benefits help players of dragon city to feel happy about winning the game. Each and every player needs certain amount of gems and gold to stay longer in the game. The hack tool allows player to get unlimited amount of gold and gems so they can avoid running out of power. The players can feel pretty safe if choose a reputed and powerful hack tool for dragon city game.

How to Identify the Best Hack Tool for Dragon City

Each and every player looks for big win over the game of dragon city game so they would like to use hack tools. Today people can see a lot of hack tools for dragon city game but they have to identify and use good hack tools. The online reviews help people to find the very best hack tool for this social network game. The users have to compare the effective features of different hack tools to get en effective hack tool.

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