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Optimizing on Your Walls for Defending in Clash of Clans

It was in August of 2012 when Clash of Clans took the world by storm. Its release on the iPhone in 2012, and its subsequent release on the Android operating software, marked the beginning of the empire Clash of Clans would build, with a lot of Clash of Clans hacks to support it. It is, even to this day, one of the most popular mobile games on the market. Not just that, but it is perhaps one of the most popular games in general, up there with the typical video games on consoles like the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

The game has an incredibly high userbase who has implemented the Clash of Clans hack tool apk to play the game. It is stated that Clash of Clans has 100 million players daily, and that the developers make $164,000 US dollars every one of those days. Not even some of the most popular video game companies can reach those numbers. Clash of Clans hacks have made playing the game a lot easier for a lot of users, and using those Clash of Clans hacks is now cited as being a necessity to master the game.

A very important aspect of the game is defending your village. As an online game, Clash of Clans has player to player interactions, and unfortunately, most of those interactions can take the form of another player’s village raiding your own village, so it is important to use these Clash of Clans hacks to make your walls sturdy enough to survive any raid that may come your way in the game.

When it comes to optimizing your defense in Clash of Clans from other pillaging players and their pesky raids, building your wall’s defense is one of the most important parts of it. You should make sure getting your wall from level 1-3 is one of the first things you do. And try to keep your wall’s level as high as possible as your progression continues.

It should be your aim to keep the levels of your walls at maximum at all times, as they are your first line of defense from barbarians and other troops and unites from invading raiders of other players. Be sure to surround your village completely with the walls, as it is of little use to have walls if the enemies can just find a way through a gap and just beat you in that way.

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Tips for Wise Investment of Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt

The Simoleons are important currencies for playing the game in SimCity BuildIt. These Simoleons will have to be earned by the mayor. Each purchase and sales are done through Simoleons. By using the Simoleons wisely and investing them in the right manner, the mayor can make optimum profits and be a clear winner. A mayor should be a good investor of Simoleons.

Production in Factories

The Simoleons can be accumulated by going on with the production process in the factories. The products produced in the factories, will help in building new buildings and for upgrading the buildings. The products can also be sold and extra cash can be generated by the additional sales. Sometimes, the produced goods will earn more at the Trade HQ. You can easily sell them at the global market to make more profit and more Simoleons.

Investment of Simoleons

The reason for earning Simoleons is to use them. If the Sims demand for essential Utilities or Services, you can spend on providing such utilities such as police station, fire station, healthcare, water and sewage, power, etc. but if they demand for Specializations such as parks, transport, education and beaches, you should spend on them, only after having the resources to buy them. They are luxury items which can be put off for a later time. You can also prepare yourself to spend on these Specializations. The left corner on the top of the screen, displays the items to be unlocked in the next level. If there are any Services or utilities available, in the next level, you can start collecting Simoleons and purchase these Services. If you do not buy them immediately, as soon as you enter the next level, the Sims will start harassing you to buy them as soon as you enter the new level.

Keeping the Sims Happy

The Sims have to be happy in the towns. They are happy if their needs are regularly met. The Sims show their pleasantness by showing a happy face and a sad face when they are not happy. However, if the Sims are happy, they remain in the cities and pay taxes promptly at 20%. This tax is a source of revenue to the mayor. If the Sims are not happy, they will start grumbling and leave the town. This will bring in abandoned buildings and the tax collection will start falling, which also means low Simoleons in the hands of the mayor for spending. The Sims are happy when they have good Services available nearby. They prefer it, if the environment is clean and tidy. Traffic jams are disliked by them. Transport facility should be good. In such cases, the Sims are happy. Their happiness should be above 90% to keep them in the city.

Trade Tactics

The mayor has to make optimum use of his resources. By purchasing special items, you can earn good profits. You can also buy from the Trade HQ at lower prices and sell them at a higher price for profit. The coin popup that appear provide a good and profitable deal. The products that are crafted get a higher value than the value of raw materials. You can craft the raw materials to raise more Simoleons. Daniel city has many items at low costs. You can also buy from Daniel city and sell them at the trade HQ, if you get good profits. Factories should be producing goods, constantly. Factories should be monitored well, to check if there are unnecessary goods produced and also to check, if essential items are kept ready for production.

Socialize Well

The SimCity BuildIt has good social groups on Facebook. You can be a member of such social groups and enjoy your time with your new social friends by visiting others cities, sharing ideas, giving secret pointers to score better and communicating with each other. You can share your own thoughts and get ideas from others.

By accumulating Simoleons, the mayor can play the game well. But accumulating these currencies is a slow process. To get more Simoleons, you can make use of the Online Generator, using the SimCity BuildIt cheat. Just provide your username and specify the amount of Simoleons and Golden Keys required. You will get these resources immediately on selecting them. Just continue your game and enjoy moving up various levels easily using SimCity BuildIt hack simcash. By being a smart mayor, you can be most constructive in your city and earn a lot of revenue

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